Medicenna belongs to a company of clinical stage immunotherapy. It creates novel, efficient and proprietary interleukins. It is capable to modulate, fine-tune or amplify the immune system to tackle the most severe diseases, inclusively of a broad range of cancers.

The mission of Medicenna is to make use of the global cytokine biology experience to build up life-changing therapies that will change human lives.

At the base of Medicenna’s therapies are developed interleukins created to eahce upon the specificity, function, and safety profile of unmodified interleukins. These efficient and proprietary therapies are called as Superkines, and can modulate, fine-tune or amplify the immune system to fight cancer, autoimmune or neuroinflammatory disorders. The approach allows us to flexibly transform Superkines into multi-functional therapies. They can be delivered directly to where they are required the most. Medicenna’s initial focus is on developing interleukin-2 (IL-2), IL-4 and IL-13 super-agonists and antagonists.