My Canadian Pharmacy – A Reliable HealthCare Provider

My Canadian Pharmacy is one of the leading online pharmacies specializing in the sale and delivery of drugs. Our basic principles of work are reliability, responsibility and quality service. Our online store with home delivery is an opportunity to quickly get qualified assistance, a wide selection of medicines and first-class service. Our company is very popular because it has numerous advantages: round-the-clock operation, reasonable prices and high quality of the entire product range. All drugs have passed the state control system and are accompanied by a certificate of conformity. Our pharmacy is one of the few online stores that have a call center and consulting service – we are always ready to help you!My Canadian Pharmacy - A Reliable HealthCare Provider

Objectives We Have

We are a socially oriented brand with flexible pricing policy. Our mission: constant customer care. We do not just implement an extensive list of quality products to maintain health and beauty, but also undertake additional obligations:

  • convenient search for drugs online;
  • cooperation with large reliable suppliers;
  • dispensing pharmaceutical products at low prices;
  • providing professional advice;
  • compliance with social guarantees;
  • the strictest falsification control;
  • development and implementation of loyalty programs for regular customers.

Services We Offer

  • Free consultations – we are ready to provide online consultation on the acquisition and dosage of the available drugs. You will receive detailed information about which drugs and in which dosages will be most effective in your case. All information will be provided to you without the need for a personal visit to a specialist, and this, in turn, will allow you to significantly save time and money;
  • Overnight delivery and free shipping options – we can offer the most convenient and affordable shipping options;
  • Mobile application – with our mobile application, you can quickly find the right medicines and health products and place an order at any place having access to the Internet;
  • Unique deals – promotional codes, discounts, special offers will allow you to purchase the necessary health products at a discount.

Our Benefits and Advantages

The experience gained in the industry over the decade allowed My Canadian Pharmacy to develop a professional approach to solving issues related to the organization of pharmacy business:

  • Daily quality control is carried out at all stages of receiving, storing and dispensing medicines and medical products;
  • Automated control system for counterfeit and poor-quality products allows us to completely eliminate those from our assortment;
  • The necessary storage conditions are achieved by installing air conditioners and refrigerators in each warehouse and sales areas;
  • The pharmacy has established itself as a reliable partner when working with leading suppliers of the pharmaceutical market and manufacturers. This allows the buyer to be confident in the quality of medicines;
  • We set the lowest prices for medications, which allows you to buy medical products without spending all of your money;
  • The company places high demands on the staff, helps pharmacists to constantly improve their professionalism and qualifications. The personnel policy is aimed at the long-term relationship between the employee and the employer;
  • The process of online purchase is designed so that you spend a minimum of time to find and buy goods. Choose the right medications or get information about their use will help qualified pharmacists;
  • One of our strengths is a successful bonus program. We offer various bonuses, discounts, special offers, goods of the day, etc.

We believe that a pharmacy that combines high standards of service, quality and maximum affordability is not an advertising slogan but an achieved reality, a sign of the company’s efficiency, flexibility and modernity.

Diversity of The Online Catalog

We offer a wide range of quality medicines that have passed pre-sale control for compliance with standards. We work directly with manufacturers, as well as with large pharmaceutical distributors, which have proven themselves to be impeccable.

A wide range of products allows you to buy everything you need in one place. The range of online pharmacies has over 3,000 products – here you will find everything!

Pricing policy is also important. Our online store does its best to set the lowest prices for drugs. Besides, you can always compare the cost of similar products and find the cheapest option. In addition, our prices are lower than those in ordinary drugstores because there is no extra cost to pay for the rent of the premises and to maintain the staff. Cost reduction gives us the opportunity to put the lowest margin on drugs.

Branded or Generic Meds

We offer both brand-name (original) and generic drugs. A generic is a medication that has the same active ingredient but a lower price. Some customers wonder “Are generic drugs just as good as brand name drugs?” Let’s figure it out.

The original drug is a new drug, which was first synthesized and passed the full cycle of research. The active ingredient of such a drug is protected by exclusive rights to manufacture (patent) for a period of 5 to 20 years. Considerable material resources are spent on the development, long-term clinical trials, production and introduction of the original means to the market to explain its high cost. The development of the original drug may take several years.
Upon expiration of the exclusive patent rights, any pharmaceutical company can produce its “version” of the drug with the same active ingredient – such a version is called “generic”.

A generic is a replicated medicinal product that has entered the market upon the expiration of the exclusive patent rights to the original medicinal product. In other words, it is a drug that contains the same active ingredient as the original drug, with the exception of its constituents. Otherwise, these drugs are called synonyms. Unlike the original medicinal product, generic has a lower cost. This can be explained by the fact that production is less expensive, does not include the cost of development, advertising, and research, since the effectiveness and safety of the active substance have already been proven in the development of the original drug. Generics are preferred by our customers for two main reasons: lower cost and the same efficacy.

Our Application at Your Device

mobile applicationOur mobile application is designed to quickly buy medicines and health products online. Spend a few seconds to download the free app – get more free time and save money. Our mobile application has many advantages: instant search of health and beauty products; convenient search by product name or by active ingredient; quick ordering – even easier than on the site; no extra functions; regular free updates that will make the application even more convenient and functional. With this mobile application, you can find the right products and place your order from any location! My Canadian Pharmacy will be happy to assist you in working with the application and is waiting for your wishes!

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