Our Focuses


The objective of the Models of Excellence in My Canadian Pharmacy is to get acquainted with territorial health programs and patterns on the Canadian pharmacy retail. Our domestic market does its best in enhancing the health and well-being of citizens of Canada.

The main purposes of this program are to:

  • specify the best¬†patterns;
  • arrange the capability of current patterns to underline and maintain transportation and give the benefit of experience and prosperous strategies across Canada.

Future innovations

The 2011 Models of Excellence of MCP paid attention to prosperous patterns that satisfy the following spheres:

  • childhood obesity prevented with the help of education, prevention, treatment;
  • tuberculosis: control, education, prevention, and case management.

Targeted audience

The first stage of this program underlines the patterns that prefer to utilize the Community Health Worker (CHW)/Promotor(a) method.

This initiative was first applied in October of 2002. The following issues were used:

  • be a citizen of Canada;
  • use Community Health Workers/promotor;
  • be breakthrough;
  • be ready to meet people needs;
  • show considerable quality enhancement;
  • cooperate with natural resources;
  • obtain the capability to be duplicated;
  • obtain administrative capacity.

To get more details on this pattern outcomes, get acquainted with the 2004 My Canadian Pharmacy Models of Excellence.