Generics VS Branded or Why Online Pharmacy Provides Affordable Meds?

Ordering drugs online is profitable and convenient. The client gets the opportunity to order the desired drug without leaving your home or office. The process of making a purchase is extremely simple: visit the site, select a pharmacological product, read its description, place an order and pay online. After that, you only need to wait for the delivery. An online pharmacy is the ability to order medicines and related products at a low price! Many online stores specialize in selling generic drugs, which allows customers to save even more.

Generics Prevail Over Branded Drugs

Many popular and expensive drugs have more budgetary alternatives – the so-called generics. Generic is a drug that is completely bioequivalent (that is, it has the same pharmacological properties) to the original drug. In addition to the active ingredient, the generic contains various additives, fillers, dyes and other substances that may differ from those contained in the original drug. The requirements for the quality and production of generics are the same as in the case of original drugs.

Why generic drugs are cheaper? Many people believe that the high price is a guarantee of quality. But it is not the case, especially when generics are produced by well-known pharmaceutical brands. Often, both original drugs and generics are produced on the same site using the same technology. In order to register a generic, the manufacturer must conduct a full-fledged clinical study and prove that it is fully equivalent to the original drug.

The existence of generics is a very important and necessary aspect. Without generics, many people would not be able to buy drugs at all. WHO supports the production of generics because they provide access to medical care for all segments of society. In addition, these drugs give the opportunity to choose, as well as create competition – they control the financial appetites of pharmaceutical companies that produce original drugs.

Prescription or Over-The-Counter Pills

Keep in mind that the term of selling prescription drugs in online pharmacies are as strict as in regular pharmacies. In any case, to buy a prescription drug, you need to have an Rx from your doctor. In most cases, you can send a prescription by fax or email. All over-the-counter products can be purchased without a prescription.

What is the Ordering Procedure?

To make an order, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Search for the products, using the search bar or drug categories;
  • Select the desired dosage and specify the desired number of packages. Then add the item to the shopping cart;
  • Review your order. The order summary displays all information about your order. If necessary, adjust your order;
  • Fill out the form. The questionnaire includes name, phone number, shipping address;
  • Choose a suitable shipping method and payment option;
  • Accept the terms of the User Agreement and submit your order;
  • After processing your order, we will send you an email confirmation.

Online Purchase Reduces Expenses

Online pharmacies offer their customers the most favorable conditions. We manage to maintain an incredibly low level of prices for medicines and medical devices due to the following factors:

  1. The lack of retail space, and therefore savings on rent;
  2. The minimum required staff to complete the work of the service, so they save on wages;
  3. The purchase of medicines is carried out directly from proven manufacturers without involving intermediaries.

Online stores managed to remove several items of expenses that could affect the final cost of drugs, which in turn gave them the opportunity to set low prices. The economic benefits and convenience were appreciated by many visitors, statistics confirm the annual growth of online orders.

Besides, many online pharmacies offer drugs with the same active substance – the so-called generics. Generics are no different in composition from the original, but they are cheaper.

Why Choose Our Online Store?

Using the services of our network, you get a number of indisputable advantages:

  • Original medical products and related products with certificates of quality;
  • Large selection of goods. If you need to purchase a large list of medicines, you can buy them in one place without spending time traveling around the pharmacies of the city in search of the right medication. The site contains current data on the availability of a drug;
  • Regularly updated assortment;
  • Ease of ordering – the process is carried out through the interface of a web resource;
  • Reasonable prices for all presented positions;
  • We provide high-quality service designed to meet the needs and wishes of customers. Moreover, we understand when medicines are urgently needed, so orders are formed and processed as soon as possible;
  • The activity of the company is carried out in accordance with accepted international quality standards for medicines. We do not allow the sale of drugs with expired shelf life. We follow the rules of storage of medical products, we guarantee the high quality of medicines purchased from us;
  • We cooperate with reliable suppliers;
  • Our online pharmacy cares about customers. Our responsibilities include not only selling high-quality products but also regulating the acceptable cost;
  • We are ready to provide top quality customer service. Our professional employees are happy to help any buyer;
  • We constantly hold various promotions, offer pleasant discounts, reduce prices.

Take advantage of buying medicine online right now! You will surely return for more items!