Generics and Prescription: Yes or Not?

Is a prescription required when buying generics?

Medicines sold at our website are divided into two categories – those that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription [over the counter drugs] and those for which you need a prescription from the doctor. Usually, the first category includes painkillers, patches, burn cream, headache pills, anxiety in the stomach, colds, eye drops, and vitamins. Medicines for which you need a prescription from a doctor usually include antibiotics and stronger drugs, an overdose of which is dangerous for a person’s life and which can cause addiction.

We offer both branded and generic medications. Branded products are sold strictly under a prescription. Generic drugs contain the same active ingredients but can be ordered over the counter. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any drugs or at least get a pharmacist consultation. It’s important that you share relevant information on your health condition.

We are not responsible for any side effects caused by improper use of the medication purchased without a prescription. However, if you have already taken this drug and are tired of unnecessary visits to the doctor to get a prescription, generics will become a perfect choice for you.

If you know for sure that you need a particular medication but have some doubts about its use, you can contact our customer support and we will provide you with professional advice. Keep in mind that you must not conceal any relevant information about your health and contaminant disease and preparations you are currently taking.

From where to get a prescription?

A prescription is a written request from a doctor or other authorized person (dentist, paramedic, midwife) to the pharmacist about preparing and dispensing the drug to the patient, indicating how to use this drug. Like any document, a prescription is written out according to certain rules that are legally binding. Observance of prescription rules is necessary since an incorrectly used medicine can harm the patient, worsen his condition or cause poisoning. Writing out a prescription is a very important element of medical ethics and deontology.

The prescription is made on a standard form. There should be no corrections in it. The document is certified by the personal seal of the doctor, and the content of the prescription is recorded in the patient’s medical record.

Prescriptions for drugs that include toxic ingredients on the “A” list (hypnotics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, steroid hormones, 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives, and ethyl alcohol) are written out on prescription forms that have a stamp and seal of the medical institution “For recipes ”, as well as the signature and personal seal of the doctor.

Usually, prescription drugs can be obtained after going to your primary care doctor.

Online prescription services

Telemedicine is confidently entering our lives – thanks to applications for smartphones, you can now consult a qualified doctor without leaving your home.

Online consultation allows you to get a clear sequence of actions from a qualified doctor at the moment when it is needed. No need to stand in a queue – you can consult the doctor even at home in a chair or in bed under a blanket.

You can ask for advice at any time – doctors are in touch around the clock. All you need is Internet access. The answer will not have to wait long – the doctor, in most cases makes, responds within a few minutes.

Communication with the doctor begins in a text chat: you describe your complaints and ask questions. You can also send an image to the chat, for example, a photo of a skin rash or a scan of test results. The doctor will review the details and offer a video call.

During the online consultation, the doctor can:

  • collect anamnesis and complaints of the patient and recommend visiting an appropriate specialist;
  • tell how to prepare for diagnostic activities and the visit to a specialized specialist;
  • help orient in the analogs of drugs, in the compatibility of prescribed drugs;
  • help decipher the data analysis.

If you wish, you can refuse a video call – for example, if you have bad internet or you are in a crowded place and do not want to discuss your medical problems at the moment. In this case, the doctor will continue the conversation in the chat. But in general, speaking via video call is more convenient than typing.

When the doctor understands the picture, he will tell you what to do next. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a detailed report listing all the recommendations. Also, an online doctor can write out an online prescription, which can be sent to an online pharmacy via fax or email.

How to deliver a prescription to our service?

  1. Choose the drugs you would like to purchase;
  2. Select the desired quantity of pills and dosage;
  3. Provide us with basic personal information, contact details, address;
  4. If you are ordering an Rx product, send us a valid prescription issued by a licensed doctor;
  5. Choose the preferred shipping and payment options;
  6. Shortly after that, we will send you an email confirmation of your order.

If you want to order the medicine regularly, you can take advantage of our Refill Prescription option. The system will remind you when it’s time to make a refill. Bear in mind that we respect your privacy and never let third parties get access to your personal data. Canadian Pharmacy guarantees that its customers will not only receive high-quality drugs but also be given any necessary customer support.