Generic Medications As Cheap Analogs of Drugs

The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC) believes that prescription drugs should be sold on the Internet along with non-prescription drugs. It is necessary for the convenience of patients. According to the statistical data, control over the release of prescription drugs online can be as careful as in conventional retail, since e-commerce allows using several degrees of data protection. Hence, people from all over the world confirm the effectiveness of online trading of both types of medications. The most popular medications sold online are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Ventolin, Zithromax, Clomid, Birth Control Pills – Alesse, Yaz, Yasmin, and many others.Generic MedicationsThree reasons to order drugs at our online pharmacy:

  • Faster than conventional drugstore. In the round-the-clock pharmacy on the Internet, you can instantly check for the availability of medication, buy it and wait for it at any convenient time.
  • Cheaper rates than in conventional pharmacies. You buy medications in an online pharmacy directly from the distributor’s warehouse, so you will be able to buy medications at low prices in comparison with other pharmacies.
  • More comfortable than you are used to. In order not to go to different conventional drugstores in search of the right medication, look at the product catalog in our online pharmacy.

What types of meds to choose?

It is no secret that many people have two preferences. Namely: it is considered that it is better to buy imported drugs than domestic ones and that it is safer to take the original drug than the generic (equivalent). How justified is this? The quality requirements and conditions for the production of generics are the same as for original medications. In addition, the manufacturer must confirm its bioequivalence to register a drug analog. In essence, bioequivalence means the presence of the same active ingredient and therapeutic effect as the original.

However, in addition to the active ingredient, the drug contains various additives, fillers, dyes, and other components. They may differ in comparison to a generic with original medicine. Such a difference may be manifested in the amount and strength of the side effects caused by the drug. All this can affect how medicine as a whole acts on the body.

Recommended guideline

Unfortunately, the price often serves as a guideline: after all, the cheapest generics are more likely to have adverse side effects. At the same time, high-quality counterparts, produced by reliable manufacturers, are in no way inferior to the original drugs and are significantly cheaper. The secret is that the manufacturers of original drugs “discourage” the huge costs for the development of drug molecules, clinical studies, promotion of their know-how on the market. Generic manufacturers use a ready-made formula that has proven its effectiveness (this is possible after patent protection expiration of the original drugs – as a rule, after 20 years).

What drugs do belong to OTC?

In America, Canada, and many other countries, it is impossible to buy serious drugs (against high pressure, antibiotics, psychotropic and others) without a prescription. There are a number of medications that are sold without a prescription. They are sold in conventional pharmacy chains. Here are the examples of some of them:

Gastric medications

  • Pepto-Bismol, Kaopectate – for those people suffering from digestive disorders, intestinal upset, nausea.
  • Tums, Mylanta, Maalox – for heartburn. Its taste is sweet.
  • Pancreatin – used for gastritis, pancreatitis.
  • Zantac, Acid Reducer applied in the cases of high acidity.
  • Lactaid – will help those who cannot tolerate dairy products.
  • Motion sickness prescribed for those who get motion sickness.
  • Dulcexla – laxative, helps with constipation.


  • Advil – painkiller. There are soluble powder and suspension.
  • Tylenol is a pain reliever. Active ingredient ibuprofen. If you feel a tooth or headache, it will help.
  • Motrin – antipyretic.
  • Migraine Relief – eliminates the symptoms of migraine.


  • Zyrtec – removes swelling of the mucous cavity.
  • Nasalcrom, Cheor-Trimeton, Drixoral – antihistamines.
  • Neosporin – antibacterial spray.
  • Melatonin – for insomnia.
  • Stress Formula is an anti-stress remedy.

In the lobby of any mall, you can consult a pharmacist. There is such a service: you drop an order into a special box, pick up in 15 minutes in the waiting room.

Another option – the attending doctor will send a request for the medicine to the pharmacy. They will call you from the pharmacy when it is packed. Such a service provides also a seasonal vaccination. The cost is $15-20.

Online Ordering Procedure

In a comfortable home environment, you can read the annotation to the drug, compare it with other means, choose an analog (generic). In conventional drugstores, other visitors may confuse the customer, especially if the patient has a delicate problem. In addition, everyone knows the cases when a pharmacist at a chemist’s shop deliberately offers the buyer a more expensive product, keeping silent about a cheap counterpart – generic.

In an online pharmacy, the choice is always up to the customer. A pharmacist will not be able to impose an unprofitable purchase. If the buyer has any doubts and questions, he can contact the customer support group.

Although an online pharmacy is the same online store, however, increased demands are imposed on employees of such a trading platform. Only an employee with special education can work as a consultant.

If the necessary medicine, hygiene product or medical device meets the requirements of the client, you can proceed to checkout. An online pharmacy in Canada delivers products during business hours. Couriers will bring the order as quickly as possible so that the medications will be brought in time.

Where To Buy Meds More Profitable?

Prices for goods in the online pharmacy are considerably different from the prices in the conventional drugstores. It happens due to lower costs for staff and premises. Therefore, an online pharmacy can set prices at the wholesale level. It does not affect the quality. Both the online and the conventional pharmacies are subject to the same standards: product certificates, requirements for storage and transportation conditions, and dispensing drugs with a prescription only.

Telemedicine as a HealthCare Institution

Telemedicine is characterized as the use of modern means of communication for the remote provision of medical and consulting services. It turns into a real tool for effective treatment which without exaggeration, saves lives.

In telemedicine, remote consultations and patient diagnostics are considered the most common and popular services. With the help of specialized video conferencing systems, a full-fledged audiovisual contact is established between the consulting physician, his assistant and the patient, during which they can not only see and hear each other, but also exchange graphic and text data (for example, an x-ray of a patient can be shown a doctor’s license and patient’s license).

This approach is extremely convenient in all respects. For a long time, counseling telemedicine has been positioned as a means of obtaining medical services in areas where there is no point or possibility to address a clinic or a specific specialist. That is, the patient does not need to go to the big city in order for the doctor to examine him – it is enough to contact a specialist in telemedicine service at a convenient time for both. But this is a rather narrow approach.

Today, users of telemedicine consultations are increasingly becoming residents of cities, who do not have enough time to monitor their own health, make an appointment with a doctor, and even stay in queues. Instead, with the help of a special application, you can find a free specialist at any time of the day – the program itself will tell you who is the best expert in a particular field, and who among the doctors is free right now and ready to listen to you and assist you. And theoretically, in the future, such a search can be carried out around the world.