Fraudulent Pharmacies – “Must-Know” Guide

In online stores, you can find everything your heart desires: vitamins, nutritional supplements, medications. But be sure that you have chosen reliable Canadian online drugstores for shopping. Today, there are many fraudulent pharmacies on the Internet that must be avoided. Read our guidelines on how to recognize a dishonest pharmacy.

Many people around the world save a significant percentage of their funds by ordering medications from an online pharmacy. This is especially useful and practical for those who regularly need medicines. Some pharmaceutical organizations even offer veterinary medicines. Legal Internet pharmacy has a large supply of medicines in order to serve clients as comfortably and quickly as possible.

When searching for a drugstore, it is not recommended to go to the first site and buy drugs immediately. First, you need to analyze several websites. Check the availability of official documents that confirm the legitimate pharmaceutical activities of a specific online pharmacy. There are many fraudulent stores on the World Wide Web that disguise themselves as a standard online pharmacy. To detect scam sites, you should carry out the check.

Online pharmacies often sell prescription drugs without a prescription, making them a success. Often, you can meet unscrupulous sellers. If an online resource offers to purchase drugs online and does not require a doctor’s prescription for Rx drugs, sells not registered drugs, these are signs of a violation of the law. Such sellers may not be registered as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, do not have a license for retail sale of drugs, qualified personnel and proper storage conditions for products. It is in such places, there is the greatest risk of buying a counterfeit drug.

Here are some tips to help you avoid problems:

  1. A reliable pharmacy will never offer to buy a non-prescription serious drug which is sold under prescription in other pharmacies. If the store offers you to order something rare or very potent, do not take risks – no one will guarantee you any security. It is illegal and a big risk for you. Technically, this is quite possible to send your prescription to an online drugstore: for example, it can be scanned and sent by e-mail;
  2. Another sign that should alert you is a limited range, which includes only potent medications and no over-the-counter supplements such as vitamins (ordinary pharmacies make a serious revenue on them, and non-prescription products make 60% profit );
  3. Review the site of the pharmacy. A reliable seller will not trade in narcotic drugs or drugs that can be used only in the hospital – for example, drugs for chemical abortion;
  4. Avoid companies that offer extremely low prices for medication. The difference in prices should not exceed 40%;
  5. When choosing an online pharmacy, pay attention to whether it has an actual address, a phone number, and whether there is a license to carry out pharmaceutical activities;
  6. Do not order medications that require special storage conditions and/or transportation. A responsible pharmacy will probably not sell them to you, because it is almost impossible to achieve compliance with all the requirements upon delivery, for example, to another city.