FAQs about MCP Online Catalog

My Canadian Pharmacy, an online pharmaceutical company, has set a main goal for the nearest years. This aim is to create and organize a work of an online sales channel. Such a channel will offer popular and rare medications and health-related products. The administration of this website hopes this service will assist to enhance the turnover of online sales which will contribute to the increase in the overall state revenue. This interview is conducted with two creators and developers of this pharmacy – Joel Craig and Oscar Edwards.

We ft. Local Drugstores

Oscar Edwards: Users, preferring to spend much more time on the Internet, have gained access for prices offered by different vendors. As a result, they can choose the most affordable price. It also will help avoid anxiety caused by cooperation with a new, unknown vendor. As a result, we offer our customers the most reasonable and attractive prices. At the same time, having taken one of the leading positions in the online pharmaceutical market, we guarantee to collaborate with the most authoritative drug manufacturers produced high-quality either branded or generic medications.

How Do You Create The Online Catalog?

Joel Craig: First of all, medications belong to a group of products. It is often prescribed by a doctor based on doctors’ preferences after the detailed examination of the product characteristics. Secondly, the division of medications according to categories in the professional pharmaceutical environment differs from how common people define drugs. Customers prefer describing symptoms as a navigation option. Searching for symptoms and diseases should be made in relation to the online catalog. Search is an integral part of our online service. Our staff has paid a lot of attention to the searching options. Now, we have achieved positive outcomes, we can confirm that updating system of searching options was successful.

Oscar Edwards: We took a lot of efforts and time to understand how a good online catalog should look like. We strive to achieve a user-friendly catalog. Simultaneously with searching developments, we understand it became clear that drugs subdivided into categories cannot comply with the customers’ needs for navigation. The searching tools are significant, as they play a major role in meeting all customers’ needs. First of all, users address the website and enter the medicine name. As a result, our catalog is formed in accordance with the drug types: “medications”, “herbal supplements”, “ED drugs”. The second option to subdivide medications is according to the types of diseases. Each product has a preview of the product and its comparison with analogs and generics.

What Positions are Included in Flypage?

Joel Craig: A product card is an integral part of online purchasing. First, it is necessary to use correct images in the catalog. All the differences should be shown on the image already – the manufacturer if it differs and many other aspects. But really speaking, an image is not so important in online shopping as it is rather easy to start a conversation with a pharmacist using online chats. The main priority is given to the product description and instruction for use. Sometimes, the instructions are written on several lists. As a result, we create a kind of product card containing several blocks: small image, price, manufacturer, pharmaceutical form, the package size.

Oscar Edwards: We offer our customers diverse approaches to the searching of products: search by name, brand, categories. We have planned to enrich the searching tools for making it possible to search medications according to the diagnosis and for the main symptoms.

How Do You Attract Customers?

Oscar Edwards: We prefer using banners and sliders to make new offers for our customers. If there is an allergy season – spring, for example, we may offer our customers medications from the category – allergy.

Are You A Stable Online Service?

Oscar Edwards: We have no plans to change anything considerably. We prefer not to confuse our customers through global updates.

Is It Legal to Sell Meds Online?

Joel Craig: We strictly follow all the legal restrictions. The main restriction is that you can only pick up your order at our office. Such offices are equipped with necessary storage conditions. Your order will be packed in this warehouse. We believe the law will consider the needs and demands of people preferring to get home delivery. It is lamost illogical to prohibit online ordering of medications.