General Issues

What is included in the online catalog?

We are engaged in the sale of medications from the following drug categories: allergy, birth control, depression, blood pressure, hair loss, skin care, cardiac disease, and more. The bestsellers include predominantly medications from men’s health category (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation).

Why do people prefer buying generics?

The effectiveness of generics is confirmed. They are produced on the basis of clinical trials of brand-name medications with the same active substance and dosage. The price for generics is considerably lower in comparison with branded ones.

What about the correct dosage of generics

There is no difference in choosing the correct dosage of generic as it has a number of them. You may contact our customer care department and we will get acquainted you with available generics at our online pharmacy.

Do I need a prescription to complete an order online?

If you need to buy prescription products you have to email or fax your prescription to us. It is not mandatory to have a prescription if you buy generics. But we recommend you to visit a doctor in any case as he will define the exact cause of your problem, specify dosage and the therapy duration.

Are your pharmacists ready to carry out consultation online?

The team of My Canadian Pharmacy is available round-the-clock. Operators are ready to give responses to all your inquiries. Your consultation will be conducted free of charge. If we delay in answering your questions you will get an email with the request to wait for some more time.

Quality of sold positions

What is the difference between generics and brand-name drugs?

The main difference between generics vs brands is the rate. The manufacturers of generics are not induced to spend funds on advertising campaigns. It contributes to a cheaper price of generics. Generics are different in color, shape, appearance and names from branded drugs. The common features are active substances and therapeutic effect.

Is it legal to sell generics?

Yes, it is. The majority of generics is approved by the FDA either American or Indian. Every preparation from My Canadian Pharmacy is examined. They also have been approved. Our online company enriches its assortment with medications approved by US laws and requirements.

It is rational to replace brands for generics?

Currently, not all branded medications have a counterpart. If a branded medication has a generic it is rational to use it if its therapeutic effects are confirmed.

Do generics have the same side effects?

It is a confirmed fact that generics have the same side effects. The way to avoid severe side effects is to consult a doctor for choosing the right dosage. If you inform your doctor about all health conditions you have you are able to select the right dosage and start treatment without any side effects. If you notice any side effects visit your physician.

Ordering procedures

How to arrange an order for meds from your service?

The first thing is to choose the necessary product in the appropriate dosage. If you doubt what dosage to choose, consult one of our online experts. The second step is to proceed to checkout and fill in personal data to submit an order.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept almost all payment options. If one of them suitable for you currently is not available you are recommended to contact our customer care department.

How do you protect customers’ personal data including credit card info?

The primary aim for us is to protect customers’ personal data. We set up SSL-protocol to provide absolute security of the data provided. Your credit card information is protected on the same high level.

How much time does it take to process an order?

It takes several hours to process an order. During the process, we check your payment options, the correctness of the provided information. If a prescription is required we will check this information as well. When the information is confirmed we will send a confirmation email with accepted order details.

Delivery procedure

How your orders are delivered?

We use Regular Airmail and Courier express system to bring the parcel. It takes 3 weeks to bring the parcel by Regular Airmail. There are cases of customs delays. It takes 8 days for the courier system to bring your parcel. The fee of express delivery is greater, hence it is available on the territory of the United States only.

Is your shipping international?

Yes, it is. There are some exceptions, contact our customer support service to get the exact list of limitations.

What if my pill package is broken or some of the products are missing?

In this case, every customer should contact our customer service. We are responsible for resending your order free of charge. If it doesn’t suit you we will be able to find another solution to the problem.

What should I do if my parcel has not come in time?

There are cases when parcels are delayed at customs. In the majority of cases when you order drugs on holidays it will take a greater period of time to deliver the parcel. We guarantee your parcel will be delivered because almost 100% of our orders are brought in time. If your parcel has not come in the maximum stated periods of time you are welcome to inform us. We will cope with the problem.