About Us

Dear visitors! Welcome to our website! We are happy that you have chosen our store to buy medication and health-related products. We regularly monitor the news and information about the most relevant and advanced developments in medicine. Using this website, you will not only improve your health but will also save a lot on your prescriptions. It’s so easy with our online service!

My Canadian Pharmacy delivers certified medicines at affordable prices, offering customers high-quality service, specialized support service and courier delivery opportunities all over the globe.

The main advantages of our company were formed due to the deep integration of Internet technologies into its structure. It became as easy as possible to find, order medicine and get it without losing any extra time and money.

We try to be as open as possible. The site is arranged in such a way that by choosing the necessary medicine, the client can not only see its availability and buy the medicine online but also read the instructions for using the drug and find out its pharmacological effect.

In the necessary medicines are not available at the moment, our pharmacists will offer you a quality generic counterpart. Sometimes an original drug may be replaced by a similar generic if the price of the first one is greatly overestimated by a manufacturer.

Our goal is always the same – to offer high-quality medicines and related products at the lowest possible prices. The policy of our drugstore is to attract more visitors due to lower prices and high quality of service, so we know for sure that most of our customers return to My Canadian Pharmacy again and again. We also strive to ensure that the best pharmacists can always help our visitors. We sell only certified medicines and our suppliers are official representatives.

Diversity of Online Positions

We sell not only medications. An extensive catalog of medical products is constantly updated with new products and is expanding, offering consumers:

  • a variety of drugs in all areas of medicine;
  • beauty products for skin and hair care;
  • medical supplies;
  • dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal medicines.

We offer high-quality pharmaceutical and related products that are certified according to the laws, which guarantees their quality.


Our website is a quick and convenient way to find the necessary medication and get a consultation of a pharmacist. Customers choose us because our store has many advantages:

  • There is no need to stand up for queues in pharmacies to buy the right drug, especially when there are people who are sneezing or coughing around during seasonal illnesses around;
  • The online pharmacy makes it possible to place an order without leaving home. You choose the product on the website and order it online;
  • Using┬áMy Canadian Pharmacy, you will save your time and nerves. Finding and buying medicine can be a real problem – the price is too high, the range in the pharmacy is not satisfying. If you need a medicine that may not be available in your local drugstore, you can always order it from us, and it will be delivered to you;
  • Our qualified specialists can offer you a cheaper generic analog;
  • The search for drugs through our website will take only a few seconds, you can check not only the availability and price but also read the instructions for use;
  • We cooperate with large and reliable manufacturers of medicines, including foreign pharmaceutical corporations, large wholesale distributors of medicines and related products. This enables customers to buy drugs and other products cheaper than in a retail pharmacy. This cooperation allows you to order rare or expensive drugs, vitamins, dietary supplements or other medical products that are not in demand in usual pharmacies;
  • We always offer you interesting promotions and discounts.

Our Customers

Our company cares about customers. Our responsibilities include not only selling high-quality products, but also regulating the affordable prices. Our specialists will provide quality customer service. You will be satisfied with the professionalism of employees who are happy to assist every client.

Pleasant discounts, prices that will pleasantly surprise you, experienced pharmacists are the key to the successful purchase of drugs! You will find here medicines, medical cosmetics, equipment and other goods in the shortest possible time. Our pharmacy cares about you!

Make your life a little easier and save money by ordering medicines online. We are always happy to help you! Take care of your health!